Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in the Greater Shreveport-Bossier City Area



Air Conditioning and Heating in SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY

Air Pro Heating & Cooling Systems’ experienced technicians provide installation, repair, and maintenance for the cooling and heating systems in your home or business.
Air Pro repairs all brands of heating and cooling systems. We will start by correctly diagnosing the problem, and then offer you a solution that saves you time and money.

When a simple repair will not fix your system, or the age of the system makes it too costly to repair, we can recommend replacement equipment.

Stay cool all summer long with a new air conditioning unit or warm in the winter with a new gas furnace or electric heat pump. We are a certified Carrier and Trane dealer. Either with repairs or a new installation we will help determine if the:
Equipment is properly designed and sized
Air Pro can determine the right size of your equipment to optimize your system’s performance.

Ducts are evaluated and improved
Leaky ducts waste energy dollars. They can also reduce airflow resulting in reduced comfort. Air Pro can inspect the duct system, test for leakage, and make necessary repairs to meet or exceed performance standards.

Airflow is optimized
Poor airflow can mean reduced efficiency, higher utility bills, high humidity, reduced comfort, and shortened equipment life. Air Pro can adjust your system’s airflow to meet the manufacturer’s performance specifications.

Proper amount of refrigerant is installed
Properly charging an air conditioner or heat pump helps reduce energy consumption and decreases the risk of system failure. Air Pro can test and adjust the refrigerant charge for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Efficiency or SEER
The efficiency, or SEER, rating of an air conditioner refers to how much electricity that particular unit will consume to keep you cool. SEER is an abbreviation for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio” and it tells you how much electricity an air conditioner will consume over a typical season. The higher the SEER, the less electricity a unit consumes per season.

Starting in 2007, the minimum SEER rating became 13. Before this, the efficiency levels could have been as low as 6 SEER or less. The actual savings every SEER number allows you varies, but on the average it is between 5 and 10 percent savings per larger number SEER selected.

Tonnage or Capacity
The tonnage of an air conditioner is the rating of a unit's ability to remove heat from your home or business. A ton of cooling is 12,000 BTU’s and residential air conditioners are made in sizes of 1.5 ton to 5 ton in half ton increments. Air Pro can help determine the proper amount of tonnage your home or business requires to effectively and efficiently cool or heat your home or business.
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Preventive Maintenance in SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY

You cannot predict if or when the heating or cooling system in your home or business will quit working. With scheduled maintenance, we can help alleviate unexpected failures and their associated repair costs. Air conditioning and heating units are a big investment for your home or business. Let us provide you with a preventive maintenance plan that will aid in extending the life of all of your equipment.
Benefits of a Maintenance Plan
  • Early identification of worn or broken parts
  • Reduction in seasonal repair needs
  • Improved energy efficiency levels
  • Lower utility costs
  • Better home comfort control
  • Stronger circulation of air
  • Extension of system life
  • Help with home performance and indoor air quality questions
  • Access to the latest information about trends in HVAC technology
  • Assistance in planning for the eventual replacement of system components

Aircon machines - Cooling in Bossier City, LA
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Climate Control

Let Air Pro help you choose a thermostat for your home or business. Thermostats are designed as non-programmable, programmable or smart. All three work with your air conditioning or heating system. The proper thermostat helps control the temperature as well as the energy usage and associated costs for your home or business. Adjusting temperatures 5-8 degrees (down in winter, up in summer) can help save energy if you're going to be away for several hours.

For simple, precise temperature control, choose a programmable or non-programmable thermostat.

Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat helps make it easy for you to save by offering several pre-programmed settings to regulate the temperature when you are home, asleep, or away.
Non-Programmable Thermostat
You can make the most of your non-programmable thermostat by manually adjusting the temperatures daily before you leave the house and when you go to sleep at night.
Smart Thermostat
If you want the convenience of a programmable thermostat plus the ability to control the temperature of your home or business remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, choose a Wi-Fi connected control. Other “smart” features may include voice-activation, energy usage reports, weather forecasts, and maintenance notifications.
Non-programmable thermostat - thermostats in Bossier City, LA
HVAC - Cooling in Bossier City, LA
wifi thermostat - thermostats in Bossier City, LA
  • Non-Programmable
  • Wireless
  • Mechanical
  • Programmable
  • Touch Screen
  • Electronic
Air Pro can help determine the right thermostat for your particular needs. Call us today.
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Air Quality & Filtration in SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY

When it comes to your home or business, we don't just consider your comfort, but also the quality of the air you are breathing. The EPA has stated that oftentimes the quality of the air outside is actually better than the quality of the air inside your home or business. Air Pro Heating & Cooling Systems, L.L.C. is here to offer factory-trained technicians to help you ensure your air quality is the highest it can be.
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Brands We Carry
Aprilaire - Whole-home air purifiers with an option to clean allergies on your terms.
Fresh-Aire UV - Cleaner air through Ultraviolet Light Disinfection. This is one of the most popular products in the industry.
Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner - This uses revolutionary technology that will remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles, allowing you to breathe easier - literally.
Trane Perfect Fit Media Filter - This reusable furnace filter traps more dust, pollen and bacteria than typical filters.
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Proper installation of ventilation systems is vital to the function of vented appliances in your home.
Attic Ventilation
  • Allows natural airflow to help to help regulate indoor temperature during all seasons.
Kitchen Ventilation Systems
  • Remove cooking fumes at the source
  • Remove excess hot air and introduce incoming cool clean air so that a comfortable environment is achieved.
  • Provide sufficient air for complete combustion at fired appliances, and prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulating
  • Be quiet and vibration free
Kitchen Ventilation - Cooling in Bossier City, LA
Attic Ventilation - Cooling in Bossier City, LA
Dryer Ventilation - Cooling in Bossier City, LA
Bathroom Ventilation
  • Proper bathroom ventilation will not only keep the temperature at a comfortable level, but also reduce moisture, which causes mold and mildew.
Clothes Dryer Ventilation and Cleaning
  • Clothes dryers must be vented to help prevent them from overheating and catching fire.
  • Dryer vents expel warm, moist air. The moisture can rot framing and promote mold growth.
  • Prevents lint buildup and subsequent fire hazards.
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Popular Brands

  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • York
  • Lennox
  • Heil

Types of heating and air conditioning Systems

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Central/Forced Air Conditioners
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Suspended Heaters
  • Multi-Split
  • Ductless Mini-Split